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Bantu of London - Creative journey

The Yvonne and Danai body chains, our best sellers are the ultimate body piece. We are grateful for the many purchases and overwhelmed with the amazing reception! You love it, we love it, so we decided to share ‘Why we made it”.

Growing up one of my style idols was Destiny’s child. Styled by Ms Tina Lawson, on an episode on MTV cribs, Beyoncé was wearing a waist chain layered over a pair of jeans - I was inspired and in love! Through the years this style stuck with me and that’s how the Yvonne and Danai body chains were created.

Handcrafted in our Bantu of London studio using fine Japanese beads, incorporated with precious gemstones, we have come to create signature Bantu of London body jewellery. As a curvy plus size mama I have designed the body chain to fit and sit perfectly on all body types.

We are grateful to be able to create and share our passion for jewellery and design. And it is so amazing to see you guys wearing Bantu of London pieces through the beautiful images you share with us on social media.

Love Portia xx

Co-Founder Bantu of London

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